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Stairways to Heaven

Updated: Oct 13, 2020

At a recent European Society of Cardiology Meeting, Spanish researchers revealed that high performers on a MET Test were at substantially lower risk of heart disease and cancer death in the next 5 years.

MET stands for Metabolic Equivalent Test or the energy cost of physical activity. It is normally conducted on a treadmill with fancy equipment. But there is a do-it-yourself equivalent:

THE STAIR TEST If you can walk very fast up 4 floors of stairs (about 84 steps) without stopping, you have good capacity.

If not, it is a good indication you need more exercise. You should aim to do 4 floors in under a minute.

The Stats: Only 19% of women get enough exercise!!

Some Cracking local stairs to try (please can you send me pics and actual stair counts):

- Sandy Bay to Perronne Ave Clontarf - Battle Boulevade to Edgecliff Esplanade Seaforth (Gallipoli Steps) - Castle Rock Stairs - Q Station (personal faves) - Perrone Ave to Gordon St Clontarf - Reef Beach to Beatty St - 40 Baskets to Beatty St

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