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Food, Fitness, Movement & Education for the Workplace

Movement, Nutrition, Mindset and Sleep are the most important pillars of our health. Get these right and everything else falls into place

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Belinda Eady, BA/BCOM

Personal Trainer & Wellness Project Founder

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The Wellness Project came about as a shared belief that we can take a proactive role in the management of our own health to maximize our health. By focussing on fine-tuning the main areas of health (pillars of health), we can address many existing conditions and illnesses as well as preventing others in the future.


Wellness  is a vast area to examine and the Pillars of Health serve as a great framework and starting point.


We are a team of Wellness Professionals, each focussed on a different pillar of health, including Movement, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Sleep Solutions (including medicinal herbal remedies). Although specializing in their own areas, we work synergistically, mindful of that multi-pronged approach to health will achieve the greatest results.


We are NOT positioning ourselves as anti-pharmaceutical, however we do believe in taking heed to the body’s messaging systems (often manifesting as symptoms), as well as its innate ability to adjust, repair and positively respond to nurturing. We would encourage an integrated approach with medical professional when dealing with major health issues.



Our team are truly passionate and experienced presenters so can work with your team to achieve their Wellbeing Objectives.


Corporate wellbeing, not only displays the values of a company’s genuine care for its individuals, but also makes financial sense as returns on investment are evident in areas such reduced absenteeism and sick leave through to promoting a caring community culture and team commitment.

Mindset Coaching:

  • How to turn stress into success

  • Stress Management Techniques

  • Keeping stress contained to be utilized constructively

  • Juggling roles, home and workplace


  • How to nurture and fuel the body for stress

  • Nutrition for immunity and gut health

  • Health and nutritional trends discussed


  • Stretch and move,

  • Office workouts, stretch and postural awareness workshops

  • Positive expression of negative emotion, such as boxing

  • Mindful exercise – ensuring exercise is not stressful

  • Physiotherapist presented: Postural Injuries, Bone Health, Pelvic Health, Back Health etc


  • Sleep hygiene and the science of sleep

  • Sleep and its effects on productivity, creativity and emotion

  • Useful herbal remedies and nutrition for sleep



  • Reduce workplace sick days and absenteeism

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase job satisfaction

  • Promote team building and goals, rewarding through healthy initiatives

  • Manage and alleviate stress by providing coping mechanisms and support

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Fitness & Movement Services: - one on one, group or online options

  • Bootcamp/HIIT/Boxing/Barre/Kayak Fitness, team building games onsite or outdoors

  • Fitness & Wellbeing Assessments and Monitoring utilizing Tanita Bio Impedance technology (indicating 10 measurable markers of health, postural, flexibility & strength analysis, goal setting).

  • Yoga and Meditation

  • Supplementing existing online fitness programs (such as Moving Minds)


Nutritional Services

  • Individual Nutritional consultation and advice, face to face or online


Educational Workshops

Inflammation, Sugar, Heart Health, Women's Health, Fibre, Waste Reduction, Reducing Toxins, Immunity, Sleep, Menopause, Integrative Allied Health Practitioners

Interactive Workshops

  • Fermentation and Sauerkraut Production

  • Superfood Chocolate

  • The Ancient Art of Sourdough

  • Yoghurt, Cheese and Mayonnaise

  • Blended magic: dips and smoothies

  • Rainbow Nourish Bowls

  • Homemade Cleaners


Illustrative Catering ​

The ultimate in Mindful Eating, we present the nutritional concept and then translate this into a delicious and memorable experience. We utilize sustainable products, with minimal waste with produce as close as possible to the source.

Administrative Support

  • Wellness newsletters/content,

  • Healthy recipes

  • Blogs and feature articles,

  • Event marketing flyers

  • Wellness Calendar of Events

  • Event management


Our Network

  • Yoga & Meditation

  • Indigenous workshops

  • Stress and Anxiety Professionals,

  • Kayak Excursions

  • Naturopathy

  • Specialist Referrals

  • Integrative Allied Health Practitioners

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