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For Businesses that Walk the Well Talk


Movement and Nutrition are the most important pillars of health. Get these right and everything else falls into place


We are a collaboration of 2 wise women, a Personal trainer and a Nutritionist. We have been working in our respective industries for a combined 30 years and have over the past year been working together in the corporate sector.


We have seen trends come and go, watched advice offerred and overturned, observed new physical and mental challenges developing of epidemic proportions, we have brought up our children and felt a sense of massive over complication.


It is our mission to strip being well back to the basics and provide good old fashioned common sense help to businesses, with the help of the latest handpicked information. Our move to add corporate services to our own private clients is a logical progression, in light of the most recent stats showing how few individuals eat and exercise as recommended. We are offerring our passion and our wisdom to companies who truely care about the health of their employees. 


  • Reduce workplace sick days and absenteeism

  • Increase productivity

  • Increase job satisfaction

  • Promote team building and goal rewarding through healthy initiatives

  • Manage and alleviate stress by providing coping mechanisms and support


Fitness and Nutritional Services: - one on one, group or online options

  • Bootcamp/HIIT/Boxing/Barre/team building games onsite in your office

  • Fitness & Wellbeing Assessments and Monitoring utilizing Bio Impedance technology to gain 10 measurable markers of health, postural, flexibility and strength analysis, goal setting

  • Working with existing online fitness programs (such as Moving Minds)

  • Nutritional evaluation and advice


Workshops and Education: - some examples

Gut Health, Inflammation, Sugar, Heart Health, Women's Health, Fibre, Waste Reduction, Reducing Toxins, Flu Season Strategies.

Interactive Workshops: - getting everyone's hands a little dirty

  • Fermentation and Sauerkraut Production

  • Homemade Superfood Chocolate

  • The Ancient Art of Sourdough

  • Yoghurt, Cheese and Mayonnaise

  • Blended magic: dips and smoothies

  • Rainbow Nourish Bowls

  • Homemade Cleaners


Illustrative Catering

The ultimate in Mindful Eating, we present the concept and then translate this into a delicious and memorable experience. We utilize sustainable products, with minimal waste and produce as close as possible to the source


Administrative Support including providing wellness newsletters/content, healthy recipes, blogs and feature articles, event marketing flyers

We can utilize our network and coordinate other services such as Indigenous workshops, Sleep Consultants, Stress and Anxiety Professionals, Kayak Excursions, Entry into Adventure Races and Tours




Let us help you create a Wellness Calendar with regular events throughout the year.

We can also work on an ad hoc basis to fill gaps/complement existing programs


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