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Fascinating Fascia & Collagen Magic

Fascia, that lovely connective tissue that anatomy students used to fry up for lunch after dissections, because they couldn’t see a use for it!

Now we know more. This fascia is so much more than just a cobweb of protection over our bones and muscles. Our muscles, tendons, bone and cartilage are actually comprised of it, and it is predominantly made of a protein called collagen.

Collagen is the buzz word of the beauty industry and anti-aging with collagen products has put it on the map. But the state of our skin may be the canary in the coalmine for the state of collagen in the rest of our body.

Collagen translated to the fitness industry is all about our joints and the muscles that move them. We need to be utilizing the full range and strength of our muscles to ensure our joints can move freely. Both strengthening and stretching of our bodies adds to the production of collagen and other good things – not necessarily on your face, but deep in your joints is where the magic happens.

M Swing is a movement pattern designed by award-winning trainer Marietta Mehanni and Physiotherapist Mark Davis.  It aims to strengthen connective tissue thereby maximizing the collagen production benefits by gently and rhythmically exercising muscles and loading tendons to reach “active long”, which stimulates the entire area to rebuild.

The end result is a satisfying and energizing workout where the creaky bits feel freed. These benefits  peak post exercise at about 24 hours, but drops back to normal after 72 hours so a maintenance program is recommended.!

So expect to see some new sections of M Swing sneeking into your next Chocolate Fitness bootcamp. You are sure to leave with a smile as big and joyous as this movement concept!


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