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Frequently Asked Questions


What do I need to bring?


Most importantly, bring a sense of humour to all sessions as you never know what you may encounter in the suburban wilderness!


For land sessions, it is advisable to bring necessities only - leave the handbag in the car! Bring water, sunscreen, towel, insect repellent and in summer months, wear swimmers underneath as we incorporate water options into the sessions

Also, cap, sunnies, medications (ventolin and epipens please).

For kayak sessions, bring old runners (a dry bag will be provided), a towel, a cap, sunnies, a change of clothes for afterwards, and in the cooler months, a spray jacket (although we always warm up after the first few minutes).


Can I bring my kids?

For Beach HIT the answer is Yes! We do not provide a nanny so they will be your sole responsibility, however most kids love the outdoor environment so are happy to entertain themselves. I suggest bringing  few toys plus a "special" snack - save this exclusively for the exercise classes, bribery works wonders!


The good news is that research shows that kids' attitudes to exercise are mostly influenced by their mothers, so you are most certainly setting a wonderful example!


Can I bring my dog?

Again, dogs are most welcome! At 40 Baskets, they are allowed on the grass but not the beach and rangers sometimes wait in ambush. Dogs must be kept under control as they can easily become overexcited and cause an injury, especially when everyone is running.


Can I bring my husband/partner?

Similar rules to dogs (see above), but they are allowed on the beach and are encouraged to do so! Blokes, you will pleasantly surprised that you will experience a sound and challenging workout. On the rare occasion, there have been some blokey tears and a few cries for a few mothers, however thankfully there have also been quite a few return customers!


Am I too unfit?

Do not be afraid - we are nonfit-friendly! All sessions have a great range of progressive exercises that can easily graded to your fitness level. We all need to start somewhere, and build slowly, but most importantly to be inspired enough to incorporate exercise into our daily lives. I want you to have an ongoing relationship with your exercise program to the point of addiction!


Am I too old/young?

To quote Siri from my iphone "age has no relevance in the cloud" nor at Chocolate Fitness Classes. We have 60 year old plus machines who can more than match the 20 year olds.


Do I need to pre-book?

Preferred for both land and sea sessions as I need to bring the right amount of equipment and I will tailor your kayak to your ability level.

A group text is sent prior to all sessions to inform about any changes or weather conditions so mayke sure I have your number on my list.

How do I pay?

Cash please or bank transfer. Visa to be arranged shortly...



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