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Adventure - Everyone needs some

.....and then some more!

Here's a sampling of Chocolate Tours and Adventures from the past few years.


Kayaking, Hiking, Art, Food, Wine and Cheese Tour of Auckland, 2018

It was said it couldn't be done, but we achieved all of the below over 3 glorious days







Tassie Taster Art, Wine, Hike, Kayak and Cheese 2017


3 glorious days in Tasmania incorporating Mona, Salamanca Markets, Coles Bay, a hike to Wine Glass Bay and kayaking with the seals














True Grit 2016


Wandering over 7 km of a beautiful farm near Dural, what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday afternoon! This course utilized the natural terrain beautifully with cavernous cuttings, escarpment climbs and arctic water tunnels. Great filthy good fun with three intrepid teenagers. Recommend this one as a first for the uninitiated.





Spartan 2016


A fantastic team of pumped up teens and Mums were on the starting line on April 2 for our second Spartan

assault. After my previous experience, I can confirm that the mud was thicker (and multicoloured), the obstacles bigger and harder, and that farm even more overgrown with thistles (nothing to do with being 2 years more senior). It was such a blast that of course we have immediately signed up for the next adventure race: True Grit on June 12








Spartan 2014


We trained like demons, and we made it! The first ever Team Chocolate Fitness conquered the Spartan Sprint in Picton on April 5. The Spartan is reputed to be the most serious of all Adventure Races, (although we laughed the whole way), so now we will try anything, as long as there is MUD! The faces in the photos tell the story....5 days later we are still elated and ready for the next one. So bring it on!


Form a team and let's train hard. The key to these races is upper body strength (and grip strength) - a nice way to balance out the body after all those fun runs and treks. Many of these races also allow kids to join or have a separate kids race so it can be a beautiful and filthy family adventure!

Bridge to Beach Kayak Race 2017 and 2018


A beautiful morning's paddle all the way down the harbour, from the Harbour Bridge to Manly, 11.5 km. A first place both years in the double women's plastics category (don't ask how many others were entered in the race).

Off the Grid with Uncle Jimmy in 2017


Moon Rock mysteries and Aboriginal culture exploring this wonderful unspoiled local area behind Oxford Falls

Bruny Island Wilderness Tour 2019

Three days and three nights of impossibly packed action on Bruny Island, but we sampled almost every item of food and wine, we saw the incredible sights, we paddled until it hurt, we walked a walk, we stayed in the most isolated, inaccessible and gorgeous log cabin on the planet, we well and truely ticked the Bruny box!

The making of any tour is always the group, and this one was a cracker! 


Bruny 2019 pic.png

Lord Howe Tour 2021


There’s a speck on the map,

Far east of Port Macquarie,

An island of steep mountains

Reef rimmed and far from worry,

Barefooted kids at schools

No keys to lock your door

No mobile phones nor wifi

A place where nature rules

The birds live unafraid

They’ll come to you when called

A cooee or a warble

At your feet the Petrels fall,

At the water’s edge

Fish greet you

Turtles lie and let you watch

The sharks just saunter by

And the coral, there’s so much!

The nights alive with bird calls

The stars within your reach

No cars to ruin the peacefulness

Bikes take us to the beach

Eutopia discovered

(The cafes heavenly too),

Lord Howe we will return again,

But Lord how we’ll miss you!



Norfolk Island Tour 2022

Spent 7 days on Norfolk,

You may ask where is that?

Fourteen hundred k s from Oz,

A speck upon the map.

On Norfolk, things are different,

A language of their own,

And if you try to call from Oz,

Bankrupt will be your phone.

It’s so remote that ships with food

Take weeks for their arrival,

Volcanic soils grow many foods

To feed them for survival

A living history island,

Full of ghosts and family stories

Their forefathers from Pitcairn came,

A new home promised royally,

They cling to independence so

Don’t call them Aussies yet

Queen Victoria’s promise

They will fiercely ne’er forget.

They look after each other,

Leave your keys in the ignition,

It seems no convict’s trod these shores,

Since gaols were changed to missions

As cows on roads roam wild and free,

And cliffs plunge to the sea,

Dramatic landscapes, beaches, bush

Adorned by Christmas trees.

We loved our every moment here,

So much to see and do

Thank you to all the Norfolk folk

And:” yorlye kum baek sun”!



From cold, we flew to hot and dry,

A parched and treeless land,

Red gorges meeting big, blue sky,

Adventures close at hand.

From air, the reef is visible

Protected sanctuary

So many creatures thrive where

Desert dances with the sea.

We swam: with whalesharks, mantas, turtles,

Four metre tiger shark,,

Prawn feasts at shacks and lighthouses

As pink skies turned to dark,

The early morning sunrises,

We all seemed tireless,

Great group of individuals,

And memories priceless!

Lord Howe 2021.png
Norfolk 2022.png
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