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Less than 10 Weeks until the Bridge to Beach Race

Updated: Jan 18

Since 2011, the iconic Bridge to Beach Kayak Race has been held mid-February,, on Sunday, February 18. .

This 11 km race is a very accessible for everybody as it has a Plastic Fantastic Category, and always provides a harbour spectacle like no other. It also raises funds for the Fragile X Charity.

The race does require a degree of training to complete the course within the cut-off times and to enjoy the experience. And the exhilaration at the finish is well worth training!

Our Kayak Fitness Sessions run every Wednesday and Saturday mornings and we paddle of distance of approximately 6.5 km. As a fitness booster, an afterwork, twilight interval session will be added in January as well as optional extended paddles on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Manly Kayak Centre offers kayak hire for the race at $50 for regular Kayak Fitness paddlers.

Please can I have expressions of interest for Race entry and Thursday night twilight sessions from 6:00-7:15 pm, beginning January 18th.

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