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If you found your workouts a bit,

Dull in ’23,

Come try a little chocolate sesh,

We’re less vanillary!


Happy New Year Holiday Away Workout 2024

Each section could be done in different scenic spots, and count the commute into your walk!

Remember to warm up and stretch first, then stretch at the end.

For the soul:

20-60 minutes plus walk by the sea, in the trees or finding nature

For the heart:

TABATA = 20 seconds of exercise, 10 seconds of rest, 2 rounds

1.       Park Bench seat pops

2.       Mountain climbers

3.       Side gallop pops with 2 knee repeaters

4.       Pushups with row

For the Abs

Repeat 3 times, no break

1.       60 seconds rolling plank (with 3 second hold each side and in the middle)

2.       30 second standing knee pull with arms overhead

For the legs

Repeat twice, no break

1.       1 minute compass legs left leg

2.       1 minute compass legs right leg

3.       1 minute squat to curtsey


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