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A Cure for the Travel Bug - Lord Howe Island in May

For many of us, the unresolved and incurable travel bug has been festering away, with worsening symptoms. We have feverishly booked, hoped, cancelled, postponed, been credited, clocked up a mulitude of kilometres for a change of scenery.

But there seems to be something in the air at the moment....could it be that the news headlines are now missing those familiar stats? Could it be that we are all caught up in this wave of excitement that a certain vaccine will restore our pre COVID days of endless possibilities?

So with fingers and toes crossed, here is the official Chocolate Fitness Lord Howe Tour, May 13-18, 2021. It's our 4th tour and I reckon it will be our best. Let me know if you are interested, no proof of jab required!

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