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7 Days on Norfolk

Spent 7 days on Norfolk,

You may ask where is that?

Fourteen hundred k s from Oz,

A speck upon the map.

On Norfolk, things are different,

A language of their own,

And if you try to call from Oz,

Bankrupt will be your phone.

It’s so remote that ships with food

Take weeks for their arrival,

Volcanic soils grow many foods

To feed them for survival

A living history island,

Full of ghosts and family stories

Their forefathers from Pitcairn came,

A new home promised royally,

They cling to independence so

Don’t call them Aussies yet

Queen Victoria’s promise

They will fiercely ne’er forget.

They look after each other,

Leave your keys in the ignition,

It seems no convict’s trod these shores,

Since gaols were changed to missions

As cows on roads roam wild and free,

And cliffs plunge to the sea,

Dramatic landscapes, beaches, bush

Adorned by Christmas trees.

We loved our every moment here,

So much to see and do

Thank you to all the Norfolk folk

And:” yorlye kum baek sun”!

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