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2016 - How did that sneak in?

For a number of reasons, I have the feeling this is going to be one of those momentous years, hopefully all about making the most of every single opportunity (or most of them), pushing the boundaries just a little bit, experiencing new horizons and enjoying everything this gorgeous environment has to offer- Sounding like fun? Here's the official news:

Spartan - April 2 So far for 2016, we have 10 enrolled for the Spartan Race on April 2 in Picton. Plenty of Mother and Son/Daughter combos - why should the Dads always have all the filthy good fun? In preparation for this great race, we will be sneaking a few new exercises into our session, but it's all good functional stuff such as grip and upper body strength. I have created an 8 week training program for the event, including visits to Stunt Gym and Flying Trapeze so let me know if you are interested.

Kayaking - Feb 28 For the paddlers amongst us, the Bridge to Beach Race is scheduled for Sunday, Feb 28th. This is such a great opportunity to experience the Harbour in all its glory, push yourself just a little, and do really well - there are not many plastic kayak competitors. Let me know if you are interested as Manly Kayak Centre will rent for the day.

Bountiful Heart - Feb 22 Bountiful Heart, our fitness fundraising program, is set to launch again 22/2. Again I will be working with Krys Lojek Nutrition and Louise Mavor, Key Fitness and we will be donating 33% of takings from our sessions to the West Papuan Children's Health and Education Initiative. Please let me know if you would like further information on the program.

I would like to mention that Kry's meal plans received rave reviews - fantastic new family friendly food "concepts" that are great for the time poor of us. She is always available to talk about food - a subject so very close to all our hearts! Louise Mavor is not only lovely, but she has a decade of PT experience and I would love to introduce you all to her as she will be helping to take over classes in my absence.

From our involvement in this charity, it looks to be such a fascinating country complete with 5% of the world's biodiversity, magnificent surfing and diving, incredible hiking and resorts, but abject poverty. Tony McMullen (Stockland Medical Centre GP and founder of the charity) mentioned that 10% of children under 5 had died of Rotavirus only a couple of years ago - a horrific statistic which brings home how under developed and remote this area really is. With Tony's help I will be looking at a family friendly trip to the area at the end of this year if anyone is interested

Japan - Jan 9-19 My lovely husband is whisking me away to powdery slopes of Japan from Feb 9-18. Louise Mavor has offerred to stand in for me in my absence so we will discuss everyone's exercise plans for that week that I'm away as I may not be able to arrange the groups remotely.

Housekeeping - URGENT! I have audited myself and failed!! I realized that I am missing a one pager disclaimer sheet from most of you.Please can you make sure to remind me to get you to fill one in asap. You can get your BP tested for free at any pharmacy and it's good to know anyway! Thanks all.

2016 Schedule So many FB photos of first days at new schools - I have invested in so much Kleenex! It looks like alot of things have changed for many people. I would love to stick to last year's classes: daily fitness/ kayaking at 9:30, Sat paddling at 8:30.

Pricing - 2016 Same as 2015: $20 per session or $15 if 4 or more people. I would also like to offer a 10 pass, valid for 6 months to lock in the $15 price ($150) so that you are never feeling like you need to be paying more. Obviously there will be alot of flexibility involved.

One request: Please let me know if you are coming or if you can't attend at the last minute so we don't wait for you! For latecomers, I will always try to leave a chalk message!

Sad News - Constantly! Finally, during my stay in NZ, my beloved part human Chocolate Mobile Mini found itself traded in. It was sadly on death row with a leaky radiator, dodgy clutch, leaky roof and pretty much everything else, but it was quite a shock so RIP little car (and David Bowie who apparently stayed in Kylie's house - that's the rumour and I'm sticking to it!).

Wow, sorry this was so long...looking forward to seeing y'all soon!

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