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Have you discovered muscles you never knew you had before?

Congratulations on completing Week 1 of Bountiful Heart! We hope you are really enjoying the fabulous food and that the fitness component isn’t too easy!

We may not have adequately warned you, but with all of the fitness fun comes a little muscle soreness. The good news is, you shouldn’t stop exercising! On the contrary, more of the same will feel so much better.

The soreness is a platform for new muscle growth and you are not alone. We all experience it from trying any new activity. It might be off putting, but it is simply about some waste products hanging around.

Soreness usually kicks in 12-24 hours after exercise and peaks 24-72 hours later. There are a few tricks of the trade for reducing its effects:

  1. Rehydrate – lots of water to wash away the waste

  2. Massage, foam roller, massage ball – the latter 2 are always at my sessions and who knows, the first might be offered from another source

  3. Sleep – great for recovery in general and immunity

  4. Snacks – try high protein between meals

  5. Heat – try a hot bath with some quality Epsom Salts (I have a great source if you would like some)

  6. Spice it up! Tumeric, ginger and watermelon juice (not altogether of course!)

  7. Compression clothing – might be a big ask in 30 plus degrees, but it can work wonders

  8. More exercise

Keep up the good work and we will keep dreaming up new ways of challenging you!


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