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Bountiful Heart

Bountiful Heart

Today we launched Bountiful Heart!

We are a fundraising fitness group

You achieve your health and fitness goals

while under-privileged children achieve healthier lives.

Bountiful Heart, in conjunction with our local GP, Dr Tony McMullen and the Papuan Children’s Health and Education Initiative, has designed an 8 week weight loss and well-being program which includes:

  • 2 group fitness sessions per week with Louise Mavor or Belinda Eady

Louise: Monday 6am/Wednesday 6am/Friday 6am/Saturday 8am, Balgowlah

Belinda: Monday 9:30/Tuesday 9:30/Thursday 9:30. Balgowlah/Queenscliff

  • a nutritionist approved 8 week food plan, with flexibility for your needs

  • a weekly exercise plan designed for your requirements

  • 24hr on-line support and encouragement

  • an optional pre and post program health check by Dr McMullen

  • tax benefits for your charitable donation

  • and a great group support network

The cost of the program is $400 for 8 weeks

50% will go to the Papuan Children's Health and Education Initiative.

Sign up now for the ultimate spring cleanse this October

The Papuan Children’s Health Initiative

This non-profit group was originally established to raise funds to help underprivileged children in Papua obtain surgery to remedy life-threatening conditions, and this continues to be part of the organization's mission. Its capability and reach have also extended considerably over time.

ASP's current programs include a community health initiative that has greatly enhanced the well-being of people living and working in the Bird's Head region of Papua. In addition, Dr. McMullen's group has pioneered health microenterprise development approaches to control malaria and provide health services in remote regions; reduced children's death rate from seasonal diarrhoea epidemics; improved maternal and child health; and provided basic health services in many remote communities.

Moreover, the organization also works in conjunction with business, community, government and other entities to address the HIV epidemic in the region. It also employs and trains Papua-based health staff within a social business model in order to build sustainable health care.

Dr. McMullen was employed by BP as a health adviser and medical director between 2002 and 2009, and won a Helios Award, the company's highest employee recognition award, in 2006.

Go to for more information.

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