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Why Bootcamps Work

Bootcamps or working out in a group makes financial sense, but there are many more benefits to it! Here are 3 of them:

1. A group session can cater for those who are internally or externally motivated. The group vibe and the trainer drives and motivates you as much as you need. You can shelter in the safety of the numbers, and exercise at your own pace, or be as interactive as you choose, knowing that the workout you are performing has been designed to be balanced and to maximize the HIIT benefits.

2. Exercising in a group can exaggerate all the benefits of exercise in terms of mood, feel good hormones and stress release. The support and encouragement of the group helps not only to motivate, but alleviates any feelings of isolation and loneliness. You all have a common goal and it is a great equalizer.

3. We all know the amazing physical and mental benefits of exercise, but working out with the support of both the trainer and the group, in a jovial and social environment means you will most probably be back for more!

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