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The Wonders of Winter Paddling!

Though southerlies might blow,

The temperatures are low,

The sun it may not show,

A paddling we’ll still go!

Tips for Warm Winter Paddling:

  • Bring a warm change of clothes for after, including warm socks, a beanie and scarf. These can be left in our lock up bin.

  • Wear layers including a shower proof jacket, and consider thermal top, pants and booties. Thermal pants are most important as they keep your bottom warm even if wet. FLASH SALE: ALL ADRENALINE THERMAL GEAR $30, ask me about it!

  • Bring a dry bag on the kayak to contain layers as you strip them off, you will get warm once you begin!

  • Optional sauna at Q Station! After paddling to Q Station, some choose to run the stairs, whilst others may opt for warm sauna option (

Why do we paddle in winter?

We are not mad, the benefits of winter paddling are many:

  • Switch on your internal furnace and torch more calories

  • Ramp up your immune system with exposure to cooler temps

  • Save on power bills, you will be naturally warm for the rest of the day

  • Enhance your mood

  • Vitamin D synthesis with exposure to reduced UV sunlight

  • Avoid germy gyms

  • Allow yourself to experience the winter season in all its natural glory Just get out there, there are no excuses really - you are mad not to.

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