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The Importance of the Tissue that Lurks just below our Skin. Mobility Essentials, Level One, presented by John Polley

In the good old days, anatomists dissecting animals saw the gristly tissue beneath the skin as just a hindrance to their scalpels. They would remove it, fry it up and eat it for lunch.

Their myofascial mastications are now the buzz words of the movement and fitness industry, providing huge insights into ways to improve our mobility and hence our quality of life.

John Polley describes our skeleton  as being “suspended in space, supported by equal and opposing forces.” These forces are our myofascial tissue.

Myofascia has become somewhat synonymous with foam rolling, which has taken the world by storm as a release method, Massage achieves a has the similar objective.

However the movement screening and release methods of this course take myofascial function to a new level and aim to improve our myofascial elasticity by taking movement patterns to their end range whilst activated.

John Polley presents four of the main myofascial lines, responsible for a huge number of our movements across all the planes:

1.      Deep Frontal Line

2.      Superficial Back Line

3.      Lateral Line

4.      Deep Frontal Line

The course explores the differences between flexibility vs moility and stability, particularly as we age.

The implications of these lovely flowing lines or conversely their blockages, is becoming a real feature of our sessions, and apologies if it looks a little obsessive. But we may just have discovered the fountain of youth in terms of a long and mobile life!



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