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Viral Heuristics and Silver Linings

If you are like me, you have been reading incredible quantities of literature to make sense of this non sensical situation. Apparently, when overloaded with information, we take mental shortcuts called Heuristics which helps to explain the current insanity.

So here is a kind of dirty (but sanitized) dozen of the best (with a few links & pics thrown in).

1-3 Are Devoted to EXERCISE (a fave or mine)

1. Moderate exercise – 20-45 minutes will decrease your risk of upper respiratory infection by up to 50% however excessive exercise (more than one hour) will compromise immunity, making you up to 3 x more susceptible

2. Do NOT exercise if you are over stressed, over tired or feeling like you are coming down with something

3. Try to exercise OUTDOORS– sun will kill the virus and there are no high touch areas in the bush. And when in the great outdoors, head out with your friends knowing the sun, and the breezy sea air will keep everyone safe.

Moving on to Immunity:

4. Our best defence is our powerful immune system, based predominantly in the gut

5. Best foods for immune system: fruit and veg, garlic & ginger, protein

6. Edible toxins to avoid for immune system: Sugar, all processed foods, alcohol

7. Sleep is vital for immunity – 7-9 hours

8. Reduce stress to avoid inflammatory immune response

9. Give up smoking and alcohol, of course they suppress immunity hugely

10. Isolate if sick – don’t even pop into the shops for 5 minutes and please don’t send sick kids to school/childcare

11. Hydration: drink water every 15 minutes, hot drinks are good (this virus doesn’t like heat)


12. Has anybody heard any good jokes lately? Unsanitized are fine - laughter is the best medicine of all!

(Why are noses always shorter than 12 inches? Coz otherwise they would be a foot!)

At the end of the day, a power of great new habits could indeed be the legacy of this virus.


We come from sturdy stock. Aussies are the direct descendants of survivors: part of the oldest living culture in the world and/or arrived by ship after 3 months on disease infested ships, only to survive Small Pox, Bubonic Plague and Spanish Influenza. And us Kiwis need only to look to the All Blacks...

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