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Those Moving Goal Posts

Just when we are becoming techno wizards with our zooms, new possibilities have opened up for Group Outdoors Fitness sessions In the Flesh.

It’s going to be so fantastic to see everyone’s faces again and you will have to stop me from giving you a hug when I see you, but we are under a lot of public scrutiny and it will be very important that we play by the Covid rules!

There are a few important provisos:

  • Social Distancing compulsory

  • Max of 10 (including me)

  • Sanitizing of gear

In the Flesh Friday

From a practical point of view these are actually quite tricky. I can manage distancing using cones and chalk (and your help), however sanitizing gear after every person will be a nightmare, even if gloves are worn. My solution is to use our own equipment. If you have resistance bands and hand weights, feel free to bring them otherwise we can have so many options using cans and towels so please bring 4 x cans plus a backpack.

Kayak Fitness

We will need to sign in (after hand san) and store gear 2 by 2 (Noah’s Ark style), maintaining distance so if you can please arrive 10 minutes early, hopefully we can get away on time. At the end, I will have a bucket with Dettol for the lifejackets.

Bookings for In the Flesh Sessions (Kayak and Bootcamp):

This week, it appears In the Flesh Sessions are booked out, which is great! In order to keep this fair and ensure I don’t miss a booking from all the apps/fb/emails/voice messages, I have set up a TeamApp booking system for the In the Flesh Sessions (used by most schools for sports teams). You will need to download the app and sign up if you don’t already have an account, providing your email for a confirmation code. I will then be sent your request which I will accept asap. After that, you can book your sessions! If sessions are full, let me know by text and I’ll put you on a waiting list.


Please give me at least 24 hours’ notice so that I can fill your spot. Obviously an unused spot is also kinda expensive for me too!

Going Forward (until the posts move again):


Monday 8:00-9:00 Zoom

9:30-10:30 In the Flesh, North Harbour Sailing Club

Wednesday 9:15-10:45 Kayak Fitness

Thursday 8:00-9:00 Zoom

Friday 9:30-10:15 In the Flesh at Little Manly

Saturday 8:30-10:00 Kayak Fitness

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