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These Long, Lingering, Snotty Colds & Flus…

Updated: Jan 18

Here we are early-mid-winter, mid-post COVID, with at least 13 viruses currently in circulation plus more on the way as everyone returns from overseas to share their holiday love!

Staying well is all quite exhausting, especially when most of us are probably recovering from COVID or any of the latest lurghies. In addition to the coldey flus, there is a resurgence of DNA viruses which live at the base of our spine. Think shingles, glandular fever and herpes. And they all seem to be stubborn as a politician with a pitbull.

We are apparently being slammed with illnesses because our immune systems have lost match fitness. So how do we get it all back in shape?

Naturopath Maxine White and her team at Healthy Heights are here to help. Their primary practical advice is probably similar to your mother's wisdom: Rest, make soups and drink lemon, ginger and honey tea: into a pot, pop chopped and unpeeled ginger and lemon, cover and bring to the boil simmering for 5 minutes. Strain and add honey to taste. This mixture can be turned into icy poles for the kids.

On a more cellular level, lemons help alkalize the body in order to support the functioning of our kidneys, whos’ job it is to “wash out” viruses. Avoid oranges and other members of the solanceae family and don’t drink orange juice which as full of sugar – the enemy of an alkaline system.

When you are good and ready to pull on the training gear again, start very slowly and patiently, building up slowly each week. Begin too quickly and you risk relapse or even long COVID. Chocolate Fitness is here to help you with your post viral exercise plan.

Healthy Heights also recommends a wonderful protocol for post viral energy restoration and returning to fitness including: Rhodiola & Ginseng for cardio, endurance and energy function, Basica and a Super Mushroom Compound for mental clarity and recovery plus B12 & CoQ10 for energy levels.

Mention Chocolate Fitness for a 25% discount!

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