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Our Metabolic Aging thanks to Covid

Updated: Jan 18

Some interesting things have happened to our bodies during Covid. Whilst we have worked from home and stopped going to the gym, we have walked more and online jazzercize and yoga sessions have taken off!

So we could possibly conclude that we are now fitter and more youthful than ever… but sadly my stats say otherwise.

As part of our Corporate Wellness offering, using Bio Impedance technology we assessed over 50 people in pre Covid, in September 2019. We are now reassessing and so far, there appears to be a marked pattern. Here’s a typical finding:

Pre Covid, Susan (name changed), aged 49, weighed in at 68 kg, muscle mass of 65% and a metabolic age of 47. Throughout the Covid period, she has maintained an exercise regime of Zumba and walking.

Post Covid, Susan has gained 3 kg in weight (fairly typical of most of us) and dropped 3% in muscle mass. Although these changes seemed small, she was horrified to discover that her metabolic age now measured 57!

The take home message is that although we have gained some wonderful new understandings of our health during this period of Covid, we must seek to maintain our muscle mass as this is crucial to maintaining our metabolism as well as minimizing weight gain.

Walking, online exercise programs are wonderful, but unless they involve some resistance or challenging body weight, they will probably not be enough for muscle mass maintenance.

If you would like a Bio Impedance Fitness Assessment and Report, please feel free to contact me at Chocolate Fitness on 0413 120 7678. I am also available for Personal Training and have a range of group training options.

Also, if you are needing new focus on your nutrition, Krys Lojek Nutrition is offering an online Detox Program to help rekindle our battered metabolism!

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