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OMICRON almost GONE, so when do we get the workout gear on?

Updated: Jan 18

From my tally of the neighbourhood, I conservatively estimate that two thirds of us are now in covid recovery mode. The end therefore, must be in sight, hallelujah!

Although we are all desperate to get back into summer exercise mode on the land and sea, and it may have felt like a mild lurghy, the advice is to start off easy.

Omicron is an inflammatory respiratory illness and the body needs time to recover, which, for some people can be a longer road.

Be aware that even if you are asymptomatic, you are still fighting an internal battle and extreme fatigue seems to be a common reported outcome. Recovery is a unique experience for everyone so listen to your own body for guidance.

The following is a guide only, so please seek additional professional medical advice.

  • If you are still feeling any of the following, stop exercising and seek urgent medical advice:

- chest pain or tightness

- heart palpitations

- shortness of breath on minimal activity

- dizziness

- fainting

  • If you are feeling worse after exercise, then it is probably a sign that you are exercising too hard

  • What is the definition of starting easy? Light walks and range of motion types of exercise. Begin with 30 minutes per day Increase in duration by about 10 minutes per week.

  • The following is a guide for exercise post illness:

Day 0 Positive Covid Test/First symptoms Rest for 10 days

Day 10 No symptoms Rest for additional 7 days

Day 17 No symptoms Recommence slowly

If asymptomatic, rest for 7 days then recommence slowly.

BOOSTER: if you have just received your booster, listen to your body. General advice is to take it easy for 1-2 days post booster.

On a final note, it is generally reported that since the pandemic began, not surprisingly there has been an upward trend in unfun things like depression and weight gain. Exercise is crucial for general wellbeing and mental health including boosting immunity. So if you are well, keep up the good work with your routine and it will help lead you to a speedier recovery from every lurghy which may cross your path.

Wishing you all good health in 2022!

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