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Updated: Jan 18

it feels so great when you get a good night's sleep - anything seems possible! But life can also feel so unbalanced if you don't achieve it. Sleep feeds into every pillar of health, and conversely, when the pillars of health are suboptimal, like a barometre, sleep responds with wakefullness. It can be a very frustrating condundrum, but Maxine has the science and the solutions!

The following is an executive summary of the main points from Maxine’s wonderful presentation on Sleep.

For more details, please follow these links to the Healthy Heights website:

The Importance of Sleep:

  • Quality of Life

  • Mental health

  • Tissue repair and growth

  • Weight regulation (appetite regulatory hormones are released during sleep, and when sleep deprived we crave carbs and sugars)

  • Consolidation of memories and emotions

  • Hormone regulation

  • Implications for children when they are sleep deprived. We should consider they have different sleep rhythms, note their tendency to go to bed late and wake later.

  • Immunity

Strategies for Sleep:

  • MAGNESIUM – 16 different formulations available, assists with hormone imbalances, muscle growth and relaxation.

  • Sleep hygiene – routine, alcohol, caffeine, timing of evening eating

  • Relaxation techniques – yoga NIDRA, poses, looking at night sky for 10 minutes prior to sleep

  • Physical Exercise

  • Health checks for underlying conditions

  • Healthy diet

  • White noise and external noise reduction

  • Lavendar is scientifically proven to aid sleep

  • Melatonin: has different effects on different individuals and may cause sleep disruption

  • Natural Remedies – start with one, if that doesn’t work move to another, after ceasing the first.

  • Speak to Maxine about a personalized plan

Sleep Science:

2 mechanisms involved in sleep which work together:

· Circadian Rhythm

· Homeostasis (the system that keeps the body at a consistent level

Sleep Stages:

There are 4 stages, all have a unique function and the whole cycle lasts approximately 90 minutes so we have approx. 5 cycles per night

Non REM – stages 1-3

REM – dream stage 4

Sleep Disorders:

  • Insomnia

  • Hyperarousal

  • Sleep Apnea

  • Restless Leg Syndrome

A Note about Menopause:

It can be a major sleep disruptor, but strategies are available to ease symptoms.

Consider loose clothing, cool environment, magnesium

Get hormones checked to see where imbalance lies before attempting HRT

See Maxine for Elite Urine Test and thorough reading of test results

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