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Chocolate Fitness Good Riddance 2020 Newsletter (with a message of good cheer)

Updated: Jan 18

First and foremost, thank you for sticking with me on this roller coaster of year! I reckon as a team, we rock!

Although I stand firm on the principle that movement will fix everything, don’t know about you, but I am feeling a little motion sickness right now….

The VID’s first wave felt secretly a little like a bonus holiday but now this second wave feels like a very disappointing cancelled holiday, with a bit of a stalker virus vibe thrown in.

But it looks like our case numbers are halving every day so we are on the brink, I think!

Although Christmas 2020 may not be all that we have planned for, there is an upside to this timing.

We are on holiday and we have TIME….time to prioritize ourselves, our wellbeing and our immunity.

So this Christmas :

· Move and Exercise – one the key immunity boosters. So many options on the land and sea including Tin Can Bootcamps!!

· Nourish – Christmas food is full of all the nutrition we need for our immune system

· Sleep – stocking the sleep bank is one of our greatest defences

· Destress – lose track of the days and hours, meditate, enjoy music, get creative, hang out with family….

· Get lost in nature – So much to be enjoyed right on our doorstep, endless trails to explore

Other factors in our favour:

· Weather – warm and welcoming, not COVID’s favourite time. A little drizzle will keep the crowds away and freshen the air, the sun’s rays will heal us

· Businesses have closed down over Christmas anyway so no FOMO there

· Christmas- isn’t there something wonderfully comforting about all those Christmas carols and traditions?

And while we are on the subject of nourishing, here are a few ideas for your Christmas fare:

- Fruit platters full of citrus, papaya, kiwi fruit and almonds

- Use red bell peppers loaded with vitamin D for dipping

- Eat your broccoli either raw or lightly steamed (with sesame oil and garlic salt) for a great hit of Vitamins A, C and E

- Add lashings of garlic and ginger wherever possible

- Eat spinach at every opportunity! Best eaten raw. Try it in your morning omelette for a beautiful touch of festive colour

- Poultry and shellfish are loaded with vitamin B6

- Yoghurt for probiotics: try this dressing for your roast vegetables.

Garlic Dressing

¾ cup good-quality mayonnaise

¾ cup Greek yoghurt

1-2 cloves crushed garlic

2 tbsp lemon juice

½ tsp salt and ground black pepper to taste

Chocolate Fitness 2021

I am around the entire time, pending nicking off for a couple of nights of camping and surfing. If you fancy a session or two let me know.

I am anticipating a beautiful summer of sunshine with endless opportunities for us on the land and sea, so I will keep you posted and messaged with options!

Safe and happy holidays to you all and your families/whanau.

Love yall!


PS KEEP SCROLLING – HEY 2020 was pretty glorious really

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