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Old Hats for New Tricks

The other day, a regular corporate boxing client asked me if I could do anything else, and I scratched my head.....clean toilets, wash dishes, bus driver, gardener? Then it hit me, of course, I CAN MAKE CHOCOLATE!

He immediately seized on the idea and before I knew it, the Wellness Week feature act was Food For Life, produced by a dream team of a PT (ex events and catering), a Nutritionist and a Caterer.

The canteen was transformed into three Food for Life Stations:

1. Chocolate Creations where participants added their own super food toppings to a rich dark chocolate base of coconut oil, cacao, peanut butter and maple syrup. Finished, of course, with an edible flower.

2. Fermentation Station where a glass of sauerkraut produced with your own hands was the prize to take home. Gut health, gut health and gut health was the message.

3. Rainbow Nourish Bowls not only looked like a painting and taste delicious, but colour equals health, especially when macros are considered in the right balance. Some sneaky homemade dressings and a sprinkle of hemp seed....bonkers! (quote from Jamie Oliver)

Of course, the cynics will be saying Corporate Wellness = greater productivity=greater profits, but the mother in me was pretty stoked to see plain old messy, delicious, healthy, happy good fun the other day! (Sorry about the chocolate hand prints all over the office).

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