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The winter has officially begun – or has it – no one could argue that this is the ultimate workout weather! We are down to singlets and shorts for land sessions, and the swimmers are still doing their thing for our kayaking sessions. I’m beginning to quite like this global warming.

More importantly, I hope the holidays have been fantastic because it felt like a ghost town around here. Just letting you know that while you were all in Europe/Bali/skiing, I have completed 3 courses: Suspension Training, Medicine Balls and M Swing, so I have a few new tricks and toys for you all for the new term.

Our sessions officially began this morning and the schedule for Term 3 will remain the same:

Mondays HIIT Monash 8:45-9:45

Wednesdays Kayak Fitness Oceanworld 9:15-10:45

Thursday HIIT Boatshed 8:45-9:45

Friday Circuit Little Manly 9:30-10:30

Saturday Kayak Fitness Oceanworld 8:30-10:00

Tuesday Off the Grid

I am keen to keep exploring day hikes accessible by ferries. Over the holidays, several of us explored Patonga to Pearl, then the Bouddi Coastal Walk. I have a couple of other crackers to try so I will give you as much notice as possible. (attached are pics from both to whet your whistle, crikey I have a hard life)


- Fragile X Fundraiser, Wednesday August 28, 6:30, Manly Golf Club: I would love to get a Chocolate Fitness table of 10 organized for this event. It’s amazing value for money ($50 including dinner), local venue, a chance to dress up and such a great cause. Here’s the try booking link but please let me know if you are interested.. We need a name and a theme for our table….

- This Friday (July 26): Post session birthday cake for Els at Little Manly Café at 10:45


We (boys and I) scoped out the Whitsundays during the hols and it was so amazing I need to find and excuse to return! Attached is a flyer for the proposed next tour at the end of October. If you are interested, I need to know with the next 10 days (by Friday August 2) otherwise the accommodation will go. Usual 10 person minimum.


Last but not least: 28 day special for term 3. $135 for 28 days, as many sessions as you like (excludes kayak hire @ $20 per session), optional addition of 4 x 30 minute nutritional consults with Proactive Health for $120

HSC FREE: Anyone studying for HSC free (excluding kayak hire) at all sessions because it will make your feel better and perform better in your most important year!

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