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Crunch Time

Crunch time again for HSC Students. These holidays, most will have their head down and their bum up in the lead up to those all important looming exams. As parents, we strive to educate them to the best of our means, nourish them and support them to best of our ability. This is the year that they are in the spotlight, they are the centre of all attention, probably more than they will receive at any other time in their lives....

For many however, the pressure is too great, all perspective gets lost, they fill the offices of the school counsellors, driving themselves and their families literally crazy.

Although the schools do an incredible job with HSC preparation, it is perplexing that sport and exercise receive no priority and are virtually dropped from the cirriculum in years 11 and 12. The benefits of exercise to brain function and mental health are well documented and this is the time when they need it the most.

A little daily sunshine, social and a good sweat in the outdoors go a long way to easing a troubled mind. It's a simple and effective solution with bikini benefits!

For the rest of 2019, any HSC Student is welcome to join any Chocolate Fitness land session FREE OF CHARGE . Good luck to you all!

See previous blog for HSC Tips -

PS I'm also offering a little deal to HSC parents in case they want to set the example.

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