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In Praise of Chocolate

After attending the Fitness Show last weekend I have to say, I am feeling a bit like an alien in my own industry.

Fitness appears to have become botoxed, siliconed, tattooed, fake tanned, posed, drinking techno-coloured protein drinks…. and worst of all, there was stuff made to look like chocolate that was frankly inedible.

It was all about appearances, Instagram wannabes, supplements with miracle promises, carcinogens at every turn - where was nature in all this, where was the wellbeing on any level, when did fitness become the opposite of health?

I did however come away more convinced than ever that our outdoor fitness is on the right track : we bask in real Vitamin D sunlight, we work out on or beside the magnesium rich water of our gorgeous harbour, we breathe the fresh air as we share our fitness and our stories with each other face-to-face. We might stand on the odd dog poo but it’s better than lying on the chemically treated carpet of the gym, we are literally down to earth ….and we eat real chocolate!

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