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Time Stood Still, but we didn't...

Twelve people, three days and a Bruny Island wilderness with so much to see and do, it could be impossible!

A recent radio show claimed that as we age, our perception of time flying away from us is because we process images more slowly. So it seems to follow that if we pack the experiences and images into a short time frame, we can trick our brains into thinking we have more of it, effectively cheating time. Going one step further, the more rich experiences you pack in, the younger you can potentially feel!

Our recent tour was a true quest to find the fountain of youth. We sampled every drop and morsel that Bruny had to offer, we jet boated with dolphins and seals under 300 metre cliffs, we paddled into caves, we walked a walk, we hung out with white wallabies and we stayed in the most isolated and inaccessible log cabin lodge on the planet (but the views, the stars and the those feather soft beds were worth the horror driveway).

A great group of fellow adventurers, this is what living life to the fullest is about.

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