Chocolate Fitness is now officially taking a break but please feel free to join me any morning for bush run, or a bike ride to the Heads or an afternoon paddle to Manly for a gelato or a surf on a hot steamy day, or a hike to a cliff edge picnic or….I’d love to join you on your adventure!

It’s been such a pleasure working with everyone throughout this year. We’ve braved the storms, the heat, the winds, the HSCs and still the workout comes second to the the fantastic company and the gorgeous surroundings. Again, a very heartfelt thank you all for your support during this challenging year – I am looking forward to a quiet and non eventful 2018.

It’s been lovely seeing so many mothers and daughters recently! Next year, feel free to bring the whole fandamily whanau: $16 for one, $26 for 2, $35 for 3, $42 for 4, the more you bring (or breed), the cheaper it gets. Go Kerry, no 6 is free!

Have a wonderful and safe break everyone and see you in Feb! Here’s the plan:

Chocolate FITNESS 2018

All sessions recommencing Week 1 of February – I can’t wait! New concepts are promised in the New Year.

Full Schedule:

Mondays: 9:30, HIIT Clontarf Area

Wednesdays: 9:15 Kayak Fitness, Oceanworld

Thursdays: 9:30, HIIT and Barre, North Harbour Sailing Club

Fridays: 9:30, Circuit, Little Manly

Saturdays: 8:30, Kayak Fitness, Oceanworld

NEW PRICE FOR LAND SESSIONS: $16 cash or transfer

Chocolate Kayak FITNESS 2018

Price: $35 casual visits. $30 for a 10 pass, BYO Kayak $20

Payments: cash or money transfer

In the Pipeline:

Early Morning Paddle/Run

Departing from Oceanworld at 6:30am and returning at 7:35

The Concept – After a brief beach warm up and stretch, one person runs/walks to a beach destination whilst another paddles. You then swap for the return journey. By sharing one kayak, I can keep the cost to $24 pp.

Paddle/Hike Tour - AUCKLAND

Incorporating the concepts of paddling, hiking, art, wine, cheese and food, our mid March 2018 tour proposed itinery will include the following (here’s a taster):


Although running season doesn’t officially start until the cooler months, on the horizon are the following:

Sun Run: February 3

Bridge to Beach Kayak Race 2018: Sunday February 25

Manly Fun Run: June 3

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