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20 Plus Reasons Why Exercise in the Great Outdoors is Better in Winter

  1. Cooler temperatures mean you will burn more calories

  2. Your heart works harder, and as a result, your endurance improves as your heart strengthens

  3. Stronger heart, more oxygen circulating, less aging

  4. Your immunity is better - you are half as likely to catch a cold if you exercise in the cold

  5. You are inclined to drink more water (great for wrinkles)

  6. As you are working harder in the cold, there are increased levels of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine (the feel good hormones) so your mood is great

  7. Less sweatiness (a great way to ward off hot flushes)

  8. Cooler weather is more invigorating and your energy levels will be higher post exercise

  9. Curbs the winter weight gain (the average person puts on 4kg of winter padding)

  10. Keeps the comfort food consumption in perspective

  11. You are stimulating your parasympathetic (recovery) nervous system (vs your sympathetic fight or flight system) and managing your stress levels

  12. You are not breathing and touching other people’s germs on gym equipment (gross)

  13. You are preventing injury from fun but demanding winter sports such as skiing and netball

  14. You will be having fun in spring while everyone is feeling miserable doing the next fad diet

  15. You can stay out as long as you like without getting sunburnt

  16. More time to exercise as you can exercise all day without needing to worry about avoiding the hottest part of the day

  17. You will be getting your daily dose of Vitamin D

  18. You will be avoiding SAD – believe it or not this an acronym for yet another syndrome called Seasonal Affective Disorder

  19. You will stay warm for several hours after exercising thereby reducing your power bill

  20. As less people are exercising over winter, you will get more attention from your group personal trainer


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