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Reef Beach Kayak Workout

It looks like the next couple of weeks will be sizzling, which normally comes with northerly winds i.e. perfect paddling conditions. In my absence, I thought you might like some self guided guidance, so here’s a nice basic program. I am sure you will hear my voice. reminding you to suck up your abs and squeeze your bum at the appropriate moments such as all the time!

Here tis – have fun, don’t let Jeff get lost and don’t let Jenny get too close to those ferries!

Paddle to Reef Beach via North Harbour Reserve

Warm Up Beach Run


Calves, Hamstrings, Hip Flexors and Quads

Plank 30

Side Plank 30

Plank 30

Side Plank 30

Lunges 15 each leg

Run to 40 Baskets and Return


4 laps of Reef Beach stairs and 10 calf raisers on stairs per lap

Leg lowers on Sand (lying on back) 20

Standing Side lunges 20

Run to seating lookout

Tricep dips on step 20




Gluts on edge of seat

Inner thigh and shoulder

Hip Flexor

Upper back with arms crossed pulling back on knees

Chest stretch

Return Paddle

I’ll be back for Wed, Feb 1

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