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That 80/20 Rule

To our current Bountiful Heart participants and my current exercise buddies, congratulations on sweating it out in these record breaking and incessantly sweltering conditions that we have been experiencing. Like extreme cold, the opposite can be very demotivating and draining, so well done with your perseverance. Those lovely Autumn morning look like they are just around the corner, so we promise that term 2 will be optimal fitness season.

If you are a newcomer to fitness, for a new regime to be sustainable and for new habits to be cemented, it potentially requires a commitment of at least 3 months - by this we mean creating a daily habit which, if missed, feels similar to forgetting to brush your teeth. Quite simply, you feel worse it you don't do it!

If weight loss is your goal, we are all aware of that 80-20 rule (Food/Exercise). Food is King, but should never be the enemy - it's just too enjoyable and too much of a cornerstone of our lives. If you would like inspiration for new food concepts whereby you can still achieve that food enjoyment whilst achieving better wellbeing, Krys Lojek Nutrition is a great place to start. Her number is:0415 111 331.

That 20% exercise portion of the statistic however is more significant than it suggests. Exercise, especially first thing in the morning, provides you with feel-good motivation - why spoil all the hard work with lousy nutrition? That first grab of food in the morning when you return from your session, can set the tone for the whole day, so if nothing else, choose this well. Exercise also provides so many other health benefits which I won't reiterate except to say: We evolved because we moved! So savour that break from your screen and plug into nature instead!

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