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New Look Chocolate Fitness 2015

What a beautiful start to the training year! Gorgeous weather, loads of enthusiasm, I love it!

I have been attending the most fascinating video conference on none other than The Female Hormone Solution, through the CHEK Institute. It's very title implies that there is a problem to address, and I am sure most of us would agree those mischievous hormones can sure wreck your day! I am full of new ideas on the subject so just ask! Or ask the real experts, Krys Lojek or Maxine up at Healthy Heights.

I may have been successfully brainwashed, but I have also come away with a few key changes to implement into our sessions. In addition, I haven't formally launched my new Barre Attack credentials, so here goes... drum roll - you will have already noticed some of the new sequences creeping into the classes, which are set to continue because they are safe, fun and produce results, especially for hip stability.

In summary, 2015 will see the following tweaks to all sessions:

New Look Chocolate Fitness

  • Barre Attack sequences - hailing from ballet strength drills and pilates, your butt is going to love it! I think I am currently the only trainer in Sydney incorporating these into outdoor training

  • Myofascial rollers/balls - available at all classes - come early and have a roll! You need at least a couple of minutes for each creaky body part

  • Breathing! I'm not going to call it "meditation" because that sounds too much like masochism to me, but the big exhale is the best known way of reducing the heart rate and stress. Goodness knows we have enough stress from so many sources. So this will occur during our final stretches

  • Balance - you will have noticed these moves also creeping in! Less sprained ankles, twisted knees and sore backs

  • Posture - there will be dots, there will be stretches, there will be strengthening, there will be constant cues! Posture is the fountain of youth in so many ways.

  • Functional training - everyday life movements, one part of the body is one direction, the other in the opposite direction. Great for the brain too!

  • And last but not least: incentives! Yes, the chocolate is always there in the backpack (near the direct debit pencil case), but for the next 4 weeks until March 23, if you bring a friend, your session is $10 and your friend's first session is free!

Schedule :

Monday: 930, 40 Baskets

Tuesday: 9:30, 40 Baskets

Wednesday: 8:00 Mums, Bubs and Buggies, Manly Oceanworld

9:30 Kayakfitness

Thursday: 9:30, 40 Baskets

Friday: 930, Little Manly Old Gasworks, beneath the playground

Saturday: 8:30 Kayakfitness

Fun Races on the Horizon:

- Let's do them as a team

  • Raw Challenge, March 21/22, Doyalson (1 1/4 hours drive north): 6 km, 40 obstacles, $69 - Filthy good fun, Jaz and I will do this one (and maybe Rory)

  • Colour Neon Run (Glow in the Dark Colour Run): May 16, 5km, inner city venue tbc, $69

  • Manly Fun Run: Sunday May 25, 2/5/10km $35

Final Housekeeping:

  • Birthdays: please text through to me

  • Injuries and conditions: please keep me updated

  • Stress level: let me know if you don't want to be pushed for any reason, be it hormones to heat (not including hair injuries Chris!). Resistance can be substituted.

  • Feedback: all comments/concerns/criticisms apprecitated

  • I'll let you know a date for the next Chocolate Evening shortly.

That's all for now!

I look forward to seeing you all real soon.


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