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The Egg Challenge

Confession: I have not had a proper breakfast for many years! The proverbial coffee and banana has been my chosen sustenance, although I am fully aware that this goes against all popular advice.

It has taken a week of brainwashing and 20 hours of video conferencing (The Female Hormone Solution), but I have finally seen the light - the humble boiled egg is now my best friend! Specifically the egg, consumed within one hour of waking, boiled for exactly 200 seconds with lashings of butter, salt and pepper (I'm not a total masocist!).

Like a good Mother, I first experimented on my children. I was greeted with the predictable "no way", and "what the" and "that's totally dog", but they could not onlast my tenacity, and finally succumbed to the egg. Totally surprisingly, it received rave reviews - Rorz the human hoover stated that he "didn't feel hungry until lunchtime" and Jasper the energizer bunny said he was jumping out of his skin with new found zealousness (is that a word?).

So, the inevitable happened, and I sat with teaspoon and knife poised to dive into this small miracle from a chicken's bottom.

Result: After 3 days, I think there maybe something in this! I have even experimented in reducing my usual 4 shots of coffee to 2, and I seem to be delighfully satisfied!

There are of course many scientific explanations for this, from the protein aiding blood sugar regulation, through to reduced cortisol (the fight or flight hormone which contributes to many of our hormonal and weight woes). The lovely saturated fat of the yolk is just what the doctor ordered for brain and hormone function as well.

So why not have a go - it's so quick and easy. No waste - you can grind the shells and add to your yoghurt and boom, there's all your calcium needs taken care of. There's only the question of what to do with all those empty egg cartons. I just googled they can be used to sound proof rooms, so I know which of our walls will be adorned first. Or maybe we should consider some new feathered family members?

This is truly a food for thought!

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