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Training the Bigger Client

It is well known that if you are categorized as obese, you are at higher risk of more serious COVID complications. Conversely, COVID has not surprisingly also impacted our climbing rates of obesity.

Our diets and lifestyles have changed during COVID. Gyms have closed, no commuting to work, homeschooling, stress, anxiety and reduced physical activity are all bad news for us physically, no matter what age we are.

What we consume has also changed. Our ability to source our usual abundance of food has been curtailed, uber eats has boomed, and comfort foods are often are only joy.

The weight accumulates rapidly and before we know it, out BMI blows out.

If this has happened over the last couple of years, you are in good company. And there is help at hand. Gently and safely getting moving will be your first steps to regaining health and at the same time becoming more confident, sleeping better, more mobility, feeling less stressed and coming back out into the world as it reopens. And having fun at the same time is a nice side benefit!

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