There’s a speck on the map,

Far east of Port Macquarie,

An island of steep mountains

Reef rimmed and far from worry,

Barefooted kids at schools

No keys to lock your door

No mobile phones nor wifi

A place where nature rules

The birds live unafraid

They’ll come to you when called

A cooee or a warble

At your feet the Petrels fall,

At the water’s edge

Fish greet you

Turtles lie and let you watch

The sharks just saunter by

And the coral, there’s so much!

The nights alive with bird calls

The stars within your reach

No cars to ruin the peacefulness

Bikes take us to the beach

Eutopia discovered

(The cafes heavenly too),

Lord Howe we will return again,

But Lord how we’ll miss you!

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