A New Flavour of Chocolate


I will always argue that Exercise/Movement is the most important of the pillars of health. If you get this right, all other areas of health will follow: you will feel motivated to eat well, you will sleep well and your mental health will benefit.

The reality however is that stats show we are failing in so many areas of health. One in three of us exercise adequately, 7% eat the recommended amount of vegetables, 35% of our nutrition is highly processed junk food we are undervaluing our sleep, feeling the effects of stress and screens and the ripple effect is a plague of illnesses, hormonal disruptions and our happiness levels plummet.

After networking with so many enlightened wellbeing professionals, it seems a great time to share their wisdom and spread the love.

We have a venue so beautiful and unique (my boatshed), we have a wonderful community both inside our Chocolate Fitness sessions and around us, and we should use these both to support and enlighten.

Chocolate Fit&Well would like to present a series of evening workshops for Wellness empowerment. All sessions will be accompanied by non-junk nibbles and a glass of Aldi's finest bubbles:


Making Sauerkraut and all things fermented with nutritionist Krys Lojek

Wednesday March 4          

7:30-9:00, North Harbour Sailing Club                  

Cost: $30 Choc Fit Member/$45 non member (you will take home a jar of sauerkraut and a Kombucha scoby)



The Art of Sourdough with Karen Tremaine

Thursday, April 30

7:30-9:00, location tbc

Cost: $35 Choc Fit Member/$55 non member

Flu Season Strategies and Cleaning Naturally with Krys Lojek

Thursday, June 18

7:30-9:00, North Harbour Sailing Club

Cost: $30 Choc Fit Member/$45 non member

Cooking for the Family, Accommodating Vegans and Vegetarians, Pantry Staples and Hacks to Save Time with Krys Lojek

Thursday, August 13

7:30-9:30, location tbc

Cost: $40 Choc Fit Member/$55 non member

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